Friday, September 26, 2014

Delaware Cruise Back in Time

Went for a nice long ride on the BMW K1600 GTL.  First day was great.  Sunny, clear blue skies.  Set out early in the morning and made our first stop for breakfast at Thissildous in Belvidere, NJ.  Love this place.  Ate myself some French Toast with Cream Cheese and Jam and it was soooooo  Yummy!
Afterward we drove up to Milford, NJ and NJY Camps.  I got to romp around my old summer stomping grounds.  WOW things can really change in 50 years.  No more showering in a mikvah.  All the bunks have 2 showers now.  Both Nah Jee Wah and Ceder Lake have pools.

I slept in Bunk 1 for a summer.

I learned synchronized swimming and  Junior Life Saving in this lake. 
I performed on this stage.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Delaware News

Seasons Garden Center used my photo for their cover ad on the Uptight Suburbanite during the same month my "Less than a Hundred Miles from Home" motorcycle bucks story was published.  BY COINCEDENCE.  I did not know about the AD.  What a surprise to see my picture on the  cover and story inside and then learn that the mag published their own picture with my story, not one of the pictures I sent.  Gotta get me a good pic of our K16.  I bet I already have one somewhere......

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

And Then This Happened

I should be doing  something else!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sometimes I wonder if the Blog is for the Birds

 Pretty sure it was an  eagle I saw last night on a rock in the river.  It was there for a while but I came to the dock without my camera.   I had it at the Renascence Fair , where I saw this owl, and this morning at home when I caught the hawk.  I shot the owl with my short lens and cropped way in.  Shot the hawk with my 300 extended all the way, hand held, from my yard...cropped off a bit there too.
I saw an Eagle again this morning, flying over Washington Crossing State Park.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents: Pack Light

We took off on another overnight adventure on the BMW K1600 GTL.  This time heading west to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon just outside of Wellsboro, PA. I wanted to share with you the best packing advice I ever received.  Before the days of withdrawing cash from almost any bank machine around the world, folks travelled with TRAVELERS CHECKS.  They were a real pain and I never liked them.  So I always travelled with cash.  It was my father who advised me so wisely.  "When you have finished packing and are all ready to go," he worded, "Take out half of what you packed and double your money".  I have heeded this advice successfully since then, knowing if I forgot something or found that I needed a sweat shirt or another pair of socks, I would always have enough money to make the purchase. With the availability of bank machines and credit card usage I don't worry much about my cash.  But I always pack light and this is how I do it.
I lay everything out that I think I might need the week before travel.  As travel time draws near I add and remove things until I have the very basic and minimal requirements for my travels.
Looks like this when I start.
Some of what you see I expect to wear out on riding day, otherwise: into the bag goes one pair of jeans, underwear, socks, bathing suit and tops in layers from tanks, to short sleeves to long sleeves about 2 or 3 each. I love my western style jean shirt for many reasons most of all that it can act as a light weight jacket. Of course there is special riding gear which includes boots (also a pair of sandals on the floor), dragon jeans that have armor and cool weather riding pants with armor...ill have to pick one of those and a small bag with toiletries.
Got rid of some stuff and added a dress ( you never know).
This soft flexible bag is custom for a side case and I get some space in the back that has already been packed with our rain gear. Just enough room for my purse which also serves as my camera bag.
When it is time to go, I dress in a few layers.  Shorts are underneath my  riding pants, although it never really gets warm enough for just shorts. I have the luxury of an electric jacket that goes over a
t-shirt and under my jean shirt and mesh jacket with armor protection so I know I will be warm if the layers are not enough.  Its amazing that no matter how I pack I always come home with something I did not wear.  Now it is time
 to roll on out to our destination, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon just outside of Wellsboro, PA.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Delaware GOOD News

Thanks to these two I am going to be a great aunt!  I thought it would be fun to shoot in front of the sprinkler...IT WAS FUN!   I thought so, Sean thought so...but Renee ran off in fear that her hair might curl...silly girl.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Foils and Foibles of MaraBella and Me

In this case it was all about MaraBella and Furman.  I had made myself content knowing that was afraid of the water.  I was not going to force her in and therefore not be responsible for the inevitable clean up afterward.  Furman was intent on getting her in.  She and out.  WHAT IS IT?
She didn't swim, but she got in.