Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Cents...GIVE ME SOME SPACE

Not the best image...WHY? because I was incognito, using my iPhone, and had to twist my body 180 degrees to get it.  OK OK OK.  So, here I am sitting outside at a restaurant across from my sister at a table for four.  Its nice and comfortable and we have already ordered and are enjoying our lunch. When all of a sudden I feel like there must be an earthquake.  I'm jostled in my seat, bumped and banged.  I have to hold on to my spoon, not to dribble soup down my chin.  And then I realize what is happening.  Someone is squeezing in behind me.  SO I PULL IN, to give them some room, WHEN MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE BACKED UP AND SAID EXCUSE ME?  Because next thing I know I am wedged up against the table and could hardly move.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.  I kid you not when I tell you that although the two newcomers chose a table for four, and could easily have sat on the other side, AWAY from any other guests, they decided to sit right behind me, both of them on the same side of the table.   The rather large women dropped into her chair and proceeded to back it UP, LITERALLY, RIGHT ON TOP OF MINE.  REALLY!   And this was after I already moved in.  I WAS TRAPPED.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE,  it does not cost a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter...it is free to be AWARE of your body in space, be polite, give way to others when possible, don't back people in.

When we had finished our lunch and paid our bill, I politely turned around and said, "Excuse me. I would like to leave now".   It took her several tries to heave herself up enough to lift her chair off mine, bang, wobble, boom,  and then a few more tries to move herself forward, even though it seemed she had more room than I did between her body and the table.  Still I had to turn my chair 45 degrees, to get up and slither out.  Is it too much to ask for an inch or two of personal space when dining outside?   

Monday, July 28, 2014

Delaware Hues

Went to Dogs and Cats Rule to spend $100 on dog food, and treats for training.  This employer has a dog she always brings and this bird, who just may be better behaved than MaraBella.  The store in Pennington is expanding right into the next shop.  Reminds me of the time I wanted to open "UPTOWN HOUND" in New Hope and got scared.  Probably one of the biggest growing businesses in US has to do with our infatuation with Pets.
Had to change the background in this one just a bit, so I used the clone tool.  Wasn't to careful and if you look really close around her hand, you may be able to see where I worked.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Funday at the Lost River Caverns

It was a fascinating coincidence that occurred when I mentioned to Furman that I would like to go the Lost River Caverns, in Perkasie.  We had gone to bed with no Sunday destination in mind and when we woke up I picked the cave and he picked the Dam Good Café also in Perkasie...so we were able to enjoy both.  After a delightful breakfast we got back on the road for the 20 minute ride to the Lost River Caverns.   It was a bit hokey upon first view, with one of those big painted wooden boards with people panning painted on it, only there were big holes for a visitors faces where the heads should have been. And there was an outside sluice that would only be appealing to children.  I did notice a trail off the parking lot but we did not wonder on it.  We went directly inside and entered into a small lobby.  Off the lobby were several museum cases with artifacts from time gone by and then you walked down a ramp to a gift shop.  Most of the stuff in the gift shop was trinket and souvenirs but there did appear to be a very adequate collection of jeweler's tools and equipment.  The entry to the cavern was just off the gift shop and once in the cave you could really feel the difference in the temperature.  All of the sudden things were cool much more interesting.  At 100 feet below ground and with a young informative guide to explain the mystery of the lost river and the formation of the stalactites and stalagmites, it turned into an educational experience for both young and old alike.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Foodie Friday: Delaware Chews at the DAM GOOD CAFE

Seriously, that is the name of the place.  Just a small little restaurant in Perkasie, the Dam Good Café was Dam Good!  I had a nice sampler; pancakes, eggs, bacon and potatoes.  There were two pieces of bacon, but I often start eating before shooting.  Took this one with the iPhone, since once I started eating I didn't want to take the time to attend to Olympia Omde.  Not real maple syrup but could hardly tell.  It was perfect and filling...left some pancake and was still stuffed.  Furm had a breakfast burrito that could have been a little warmer...the cheese was hardly melted, but he gobbled it up anyway. 

I'm always looking for a new way to view.  Got down low and grabbed this shot as Furman was exiting the building. Put the nice flowers in a pot in the foreground with all green leafs shooting up and out.  Thought it worked well with the lines of the roof eave heading out in the other direction.  And there in the midst of it all my happy, sated hubby.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Delaware News

Success at the PEAC and a total of 7 sales for the month of June has boosted my confidence.  I have done a little investigating into the gallery scene and have picked out the Artist's Gallery in Lambertville to submit my portfolio to be juried for possible membership.  Here is the bio I put together.  Created in two layers, reducing the opacity of the background river image to let the black letters stand out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Delaware Issues Common Sense

I tend to be a planner.  Like to know what is coming at me and have something to look forward to.  I can be spontaneous too.  Sometimes that has benefitted me and sometimes not so much, when spontaneous leans more toward impulsiveness.  We have fallen into a nice pattern of Sunday breakfast runs on the BMW K1600 GTL.  We had planned to go Belvidere but the detours due to damaged bridges started to confuse us.  We ended up having our breakfast in Riegelsville.  What I am trying to say is, even when you make plans, you have to be prepared for the detours.  It is good to have the attitude that you can always cross that bridge when you get there.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Foils, Foibles and Follies of MaraBella and Me.

Took a week break from the VIEWS.   As far as I know, only one person noticed!!!  Well that sure is indicative.  THANK YOU RUTHY.  I miss you.

MaraBella is back in obedience school at Golden Grange Kennels and the training is going going going.  I feel like we are always taking 3 steps forward and one back back back.  Literally, as we are working on heeling and back is actually a command to get her into the healing start position.  With treats visible, she can go quite a few paces.  Squirrels, cats, of course other dogs, people and even birds and planes distract her.  Yesterday we had to walk past a fox who was quite a distance away but still an attraction.  Today we walked down a path, with horse and geese in the pasture on one side and 4 deer in the field on the other.  She was so engrossed in the geese, that I don't think she even noticed the deer, following us with their eyes in the early morning light of this beautiful day.

Still she is characteristically sweet!  Aaron adores her and enjoys a good tug game as much as MaraBella.  I know this because he brought her a new toy so they could play. 
She LOVES it!
Photo taken with iPhone.