Thursday, August 28, 2014

Delaware Views the Stampede in Hopewell

Took a day to look at more of the Oxen on display around Hopewell Township. They are beautiful.  If you are in the area it is a fun thing to do...In regards to photographing them, they are not all in easy to shoot spots...the one at Nutts down on the River was particularly challenging and required some work in CS3.  We got hungry and then the light was so bright it was hard to continue so I guess Ill have to get out  another morning to capture the rest of them.  Here is a sample.
Furman helped by driving me around on the motorcycle.
It was fun to try and get the image to show the actual location for some of them.
But not the one at Nutts
So I went for a head shot and still had to remove distracting a wire overhead and part of the motorcycle in front.
Went for the head shot.
In others, I liked the AMAZING details. 
Hopewell Valley Arts Council if you wanted attention, I think you got it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Return to the Grounds for Sculpture.

It was a great day at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton with my sister, thanks to my good friend Kathy for the guest passes.  The special Retrospective exhibit is still going on and  I suspect it was due to the overcast skies that there were not too many guests.  The lotus and lilies were blooming in multiple spots.  The meadow was in bloom.  We lunched at the Peacock CafĂ©.  Sister had a Cobb Salad, that was so big she couldn't finish and I had the French Dip.  This was cafeteria style so along with our food we grabbed a bag of chips to share and fountain root beers and took our tray outside to enjoy lunch in the Acer Courtyard.  I would say it was reasonably priced at $28. and since it was basically self serve no tip was necessary. 

Funniest of day

Friday, August 22, 2014

Delaware Cruise and Chews: Day 3 Hudson River Valley on the BMW K1600 GTL

Following the same basic route as we did on day 2 we left Haverstraw on another  beautiful blue sky and sunny warm day to venture up to Hyde Park and explore the Roosevelt Estate.  This time after crossing over the Bear mountain Bridge and following 9D north, we arrived in Beacon and hungry and willing to explore. Being a Monday and fairly early it was not that crowded and being lovers of bread, and attracted to the Aroma we decided on the Beacon Bread Company.
I had to try the French Toast and although an advertised choice included CHALLAH, which I was of course excited to try, it turns out the challah was all gone and I had my delicious breakfast with Brioche.  Furm had a breakfast sandwich and we were both sated when we finished.  The orange juice was fresh squeezed and perfect.  We were informed by our waitress that everything served was made in house including LOX.  Yup, she told us she did not know how it was done but the in house chef makes everything right on the premises. 
After breakfast we made our way up to Hyde Park only to find that the FDR house and Eleanor's estate where separated by a short drive and incurred wto separate entrance fees.  Since we learned this at the visitor center at the FDR Home and Library of Franklin D Roosevelt we got started there.
The tour of the home was fine but limited with most of the rooms roped off so your view was from the hall.  The fascination was in the Library as it was not really a library at all but a full interactive museum that took us several hours to make our way through.  I would highly recommend it.  A final stroll around the property informed us that in a lovely rose garden Franklin and Eleanor were buried together...That left us with a lot of interesting questions to be answered but not enough time to visit Eleanor's Estate. I think I might have to research Eleanor quite a bit more and make time to go visit her home....maybe in the fall???

Buried together

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Delaware Views a Stampede

The OXEN have risen...yep all over Hopewell Township and they are pretty cool.  A project designed to bring attention to the arts, not to mention money to the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, they are MOOOOOOOING all over.  I saw one in Hopewell Borough that looked so out of place I had to "pic" it up and move it across the township to the Washington Crossing Park.  OK I'll tell you how.
But first have a look.

Hahahah they made an OX to look like George Washington.  I like it.  So this is what I did.  Working in CS3, I used the magic wand tool to high light the Ox standing in front of the Pump House in the borough and copied it.  I uploaded one of the bridge pictures from yesterday and I positioned and pasted the ox over the bench.   Just doing my small part to get this animal down by the river where it belongs in Washington Crossing State Park, Titusville, Hopewell Township, Mercer County,  NJ.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Delaware News and the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

Had the pleasure of being in contact with the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission and will be submitting 10 images to be considered for use in the Commission's Annual Report


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Delaware Cruise: Day 2 of the Hudson River Valley on the BMW K1600

A few folks told us to ride into Cold Springs for the river ambience and cool stores.  It was not far from our home away from home so off we went.  From Haverstraw we just headed north on 9W I believe it was, and over the very cool bridge at Bear Mountain.  We passed Boscobel, which was also recommended to us.  When we arrived at Cold Springs, it was crowded.  We drove around and around and around looking for parking and finally it dawned on me that we were not hungry as we had breakfast in Haverstraw, didn't want to shop,  had seen towns like this all up and down the Delaware and it was not really worth the search.  We have the coolest communication system in our helmets so I suggested we backtrack to Boscobel and I am so glad we did.  We arrived just 10 minutes or so before the next house tour giving us time to view the informative panels in the visitor center.

What a view....
What a house...

The Tour of the house was about an hour and the guide was very well informed and able to answer all the questions posed by the small group.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Delaware Hues of Red at the Space Farm Museum

Should I or shouldn't I?  Push on with the blog...Delaware Hues?  Perhaps go back and get down to the Corner of RED and FINE? 

More from the farm, since RED will do for now.
Amongst all the cool things about riding on the K1600 is frequent front row parking.

With the collection so wide and vast, attending to detail was not always easy.

The tricycle brought back memories...oh how fast little legs could go.

Peddle, peddle, peddle.... glide and fly.